Our People

Emeritus Curator: Baden Norris

President: Liz Grant

Vice Presidents: Dr Kerry McCarthy, Lizzie Meek

Treasurer: Helen Cobb

Secretary: Wendy McKay

Administrator: Holly Cunningham

Committee: Alan Calvert, Murray McGuigan, Ann Jolliffe, Dave Green, Ursula Rack, Peter Rough, Trevor Hall, Jed O'Donoghue (community board representative) Nathan Pohio (Ngāti Wheke representative) 

Scene from the colonial gallery. c. Lyttelton Museum collection

Photographed from left to right: [Top Row] Helen Cobb, Peter Rough, Kerry McCarthy, Ursula Rack, Lizzie Meek, Liz Grant, Wendy McKay

[Bottom Row] Ann Jolliffe, Alan Calvert, Murray McGuigan, Dave Green, Trevor Hall