Postcard from World War One. Source:  World War One Photos

Postcard from World War One. Source: World War One Photos

Wed 17 January 1917

Revalle 5.30

Started on route march at 6 am got back to camp at 6.45 had breakfast at 7 fell in at 7.45 for muster parade roll.

All our clothes and gear was sprayed & had to be packed in kit bags wet through with formuline made nose & eyes very sore for a while.

Had chest parade at 9 all hands passed

Two men of hut 130 absent from camp without leave.

Bought P.Cards & posted them home.

Promoted to Corporal from 12th.  Went for 6 mile route at 11 o’clock & returned to camp & had hot dinner at twelve.  Fell in at 1.30 for lecture on bombs & bomb throwing then marched to the river for swimming parade.  Both Sgts absent so had to take charge of parade.

Had tea (cold) at 5.  Went to pictures.  Supper at canteen.  Bunk at 9.40.  Only 5 men in hut all rest on leave.

Wrote to Ivy and Nan.

Thurs 18 January 1917

Revalle 5.30Went for route march at 6 am.  Breakfast 7 am.  No fatigue party fell in 8.30. Hut dry & thin wet scrubbed

Part of company was put on fatigue & was put on shovelling. Done my share & found it very hard work. Finished at 11.30 & had hot dinner at 12 noon.  Fell in at 1.30 for muster parade roll, were given berth numbers on transport & also divided up into different messes. Permanent mess orderlies were picked & get £1 each for the voyage over, they were sent aboard the transport at 2 pm to prepare tables etc.  Transport 75 for Wiatamati for one half of 21 Rflls & Troopship Wamaroa for second half.

Went for bathing parade to river & Port Jessop & got left so we marched through camp with 25 Rfls fatigue party & got in safely. Had dry ration at 5 pm.

Wrote to Ivy & Nan.

Went to concert at Salvation Army by Native ASS.  Came out early & went back to hut & packed all surplus gear gear up & went to bunk at 10 pm.

Fri 19 January 1917

Revalle 4 am.  Empty pillowcases 4.15 had breakfast 5 am.  Hut was scrubbed & palliasses returned to Q.M. Stores by 6.30 also both kits ready. Marched to station at 8.15 train left for Wellington at 9.

Arrived at Wellgt 10 carried kits to transport found my bunk. Had tea & no milk & ships biscuits & batter at 112.45.  Marched onto quay at & had 1 hr ashore & embarked again.  Transport left wharf 4.15 & anchored in stream.  Had tea at 6.30.  Meat burnt outside raw inside..Got two letters from Ivy. Maori passed us on her way to Lyttelton at 8 pm.

Maori contingent aboard with us.  Very large crowd of people on wharf to see Reinfs off.

Bunks very crowded hardly enough room for two men to pass between bunks.

Went to bunk at 8.30 p.m.  Got up as transport was leaving at 9 pm.  Passed heads at 10 pm.  Ship started to roll on clearing heads.

Went back to bunk 10 pm.

Sat 20 January 1917

Got up at 6 a.m.  Land still in sight South Island.  Layed around all morning & had dinner at 1.30.  Land still in sight.  Put in charge of C Coys mess tables.  Lost nail & tooth brush in wash house.  Small sea running but ship has good load of wool on board & it keeps her steady.

Had a sleep this afternoon.

Land still in sight.

Had tea at 6 pm & officer announced that one man had lost his teeth through a porthole & anyone finding them to G CoysOrderly room.  Walked around deck till 8.30 pm & went to bunk at 9.15.  South Island was still in sight at 9.30.

Maoris & J Coy on fatigue.

Sun 21 January 1917

Got up at 6.30.

Went down stoke hole & done 1 hours trimming came up at 8 am & had a wash with hot fresh water in firemans quarters then had a good hot breakfast.

Raised a lovely blister in hand with shovel.  Sea calm but ship doing a fair roll on account of huge range on sea.  No land in sight.

Had dinner at 1 pm of boiled fresh new potatoes & green peas, also soup.

Went to church in Sgts mess room at 10 a.m.  Had photo taken on deck this afternoon.  Sea is now & again breaking over deck althouth sea is not rough the ship being so heavily laden with wool, men & provisions she wont rise freely.

Had tea at 5.15.  Meals so far have been excellent.  Held a muster parade on deck this afternoon very few men sea-sick up to the present.  Bunks are very comfortable & I find it very hard to rise of a morning.  Went to bunk at 8.15.

Mon 22 January 1917

Got up at 5.45.  Ship doing a good roll as there is a fair sea & a good lot of the men are feeling squeamish but up to the present I am feeling good.

Had breakfast 8 a.m. Just run into a light rain. Time goes back about 20 minutes per day. We done 2 hrs at physical drill & reading of standing orders.  Had to teach 28 platoon semaphore signalling as I knew it. None of the other N.C.O. knowing it. Albatrosses started following ship yesterday. Saw large shark following ship today. This is the first transport that cigarette smoking is allowed on. Cigarettes & tobacco are half NZ prices. We passed steamer on her way to N.Z. about 4.30. We done 2 hours drill this afternoon. In charge of seamanship squad again.

Had good tea at 5.30 of stewed apricots & rice.  Boxing was carried out on main deck after tea. I was yarning on deck till 8.30 then came down to bunk.

Tue 23 January 1917

Got up at 5.15. Wind blowing very heavy with rain. Ship doing a good roll over now & again. Seas sometimes over decks, one extra large one came down through companion way & swamped two bunks & occupants in our dormitory.

Had breakfast at 8.10. Rain stopped at 9.30 but wind still as strong as ever. A noticeable thing up to the present is the number of balaclavas worn. The wind has increased to a proper gale & a very heavy sea is running it is impossible to stop in bunk or on deck without hanging on. It is very funny to see fellows up on deck standing & falling in two to three feet of water on deck & nearly every sea is breaking over ship from stem to stern & right over bridge deck. All letters must be left open for the censor & if posted closed they will not be sent. No dates or names must be mentioned and ports of call etc. Big crowd of men sick. Saw flying fish today for first time, Had tea at 5.30. Went to bunk at 8.30.