The SS Mararoa from a postcard. Source:

The SS Mararoa from a postcard. Source:

Tues 9 January 1917

Transferred to 21 Rifles from 22nd.  Proceeded from Featherston Camp over the Rimutakas in train to pick up 21 Rifles in Trentham.

Still in 28 platoon G Coy of 21 Rifles instead of 22 Rifles

Wed 10 January 1917

Received our sea kits.

Handed in webb equipment, rifle & bayonet to Q.M. stores

Thurs 11 January 1917

Done our Table for shooting & all transferred men done well.

I passed first class test.

Sat 13 January 1917

Reveille at 5.30.  Breakfast 6 am.  Received our last weeks pay at full rates & was declared on active service.

Handed in our blankets & waterproof sheet.

Was granted special leave on account of such short notice to sail for England granted from two pm today till midday Tuesday.

Caught train to Wellington & went to Union Coys office & they wanted to charge us full fare so I stowed away & arrived safely without detection.

Sun 14 January 1917

Arrived in Lyttelton on leave by S.S. Mararoa about 9.30.

Nan and Ivy met the boat and I went home for breakfast & then went down to Ivy’s till dinner time.

Neil, Kate, Ivey & myself went to Christchurch by the 1.40 train & went out on the river.  Stopped at Tea Kiosk in Museum gardens & had tea & ice-creams & went further up the river came back to gardens & left boat on bank & went & caught 5 o’clock train to Lyttelton.  Had tea at McCormich.

Ivy & I went for a walk up to the “Nest” & arrived home at 10.20 P.M.

Mon 15 January 1917

Got up at 7 a.m. & got cleaned & went down to Mr Taylor’s Shop & stopped till nine & then went to McCormicks & then along to Webbs to see Ivy.

Stopped there till 12 noon then went home for dinner.

Went down to McCormicks after dinner & stopped till four o’clock with Ivy.  Jack took my photo on own & then with Ivy.

Went & said goodbye to all at Taylors shop & then went home & had tea & packed up my gear to take to camp.

Left for camp by Wararoa at 8.45 & gave in old ticket that was issued to Port Manhire for his final leave.

Tues 15 January 1917

Woke up at 5.30 on board ferry boat got up & washed & had breakfast & paraded the deck till arrival in Wellington & arrived in Trentham at ten minutes to twelve.

Had dinner at 12.30 & went for 8 mile route march got back to camp at 4 PM.

Gave forage cap shirt & belt to cousin went to Methodist Institute to write to Ivy as Catholic was shut.

Wrote letter & went back to hut for an hour & a half then went to pictures with Bill ????? after pictures were over had supper at canteen then back to hut to bunk.

Bought this diary at Shands in Trentham & started writing up.