Past Exhibitions

In 2013, Lyttelton Museum projected a slideshow of historic Lyttelton images in the window of Henry Trading as part of the Festival of Lights in mid-winter.

This was the start of the museum's re-engagement with the community since the loss of a permanent exhibition space. We hope that the Festival of Lights slideshow will become a tradition but we're also finding opportunities to display our collection to the community in ways that are new to us.

If you missed any of the exhibitions, have a look around this page. 


People braved the cold winter night watching the Lyttelton Museum had a slideshow at the Festival of Lights 2013.

A Place Apart postcard

A Place Apart postcard

A Place Apart – Life in the Ōtamahua Quail Island Leper Colony

October 2016, Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre, 20 Oxford Street

In association with BECA Heritage Week, Lyttelton Museum presented A Place Apart, an exhibition of photographs looking at life in Aotearoa New Zealand’s only leper colony on Ōtamahua Quail Island.

See an abbreviated version of the exhibition here.

Through the Glass Ceiling

March 8 - 12 April 2015, Tin Palace, 13a Oxford Street, Lyttelton

In conjunction with Tin Palace, who displayed the Kate Sheppard sculpture, the Museum presented information relating to the suffrage movement and suffrage centenary celebrations in Lyttelton. 

At Home with the Grubbs

29 October 2014-07 March 2015, Grubb Cottage, 62 London Street, Lyttelton.

This exhibition, held at Grubb Cottage, explored the Grubbs’ connections with Lyttelton and its history via their home life, and connected with the 2014 Beca Heritage Week theme of Making Connections. For details about Grubb Cottage, see the Grubb Cottage Heritage Trust website.

Lyttelton Road Tunnel 50th Anniversary Celebration

31 August 2014, Lyttelton Library, 37 London Street, Lyttelton

On the official tunnel walk-through day, the Museum displayed a slideshow of Lyttelton Road Tunnel photos in Lyttelton Library's round window. View the slideshow here.

Service and Sacrifice: Lyttelton stories from World War One

13-31 August 2014, Tin Palace, 13a Oxford Street, Lyttelton

This exhibition contrasts the stories of Bertie Harkess, Nona Hildyard, and Walter Lester - three Lytteltonians who heeded the Empire’s call to fight in World War One. View this exhibition here.

Festival of Lights

June 20132014, and 2015 Henry Trading, 33 London Street, Lyttelton

To illuminate Lyttelton's heritage, Lyttelton Museum projected images from its collection in the window of Henry Trading. See a selection of those images from the 2015 slideshow below, and keep an eye out for more at the next Festival of Lights.